Why hail a cab when you can tweet for one?

Those of us who live in large metropolitan cities where cabs are plentiful know that, while there are benefits to having immediate rides at your disposal, there are some negative aspects to it. We all know cabbies have the reputation of being rude – they don’t take credit cards (even when they’re supposed to), they tell you the machine is broken (even when it’s not), and some take you through longer routes if they think that you have no clue where you’re going.  Then there’s the not so pleasant aromas and scents that challenge our senses. When the weather is nice, we can pass it off as “I want to take advantage of the warm temperature” as we roll down the back seat windows. But when it’s raining or butt-freezing-cold, you’re just screwed and this is when your skill of holding your breath comes in handy.

But @ChicagoCabbie is out to change all of that, and the benefits go beyond what I just mentioned above. Rashid (his real-life handle) is not your typical driver, he doesn’t fit the stereotypes, and he is active on social media platforms for that’s how he markets his services.

Many of you know I’ve had a unique take on social media safety combined with cab-riding. I check-in to taxis on Foursquare because, sometimes, the drivers just freak me out. I mean, after all, it’s essentially riding in a complete stranger’s car. But today I experienced first-hand the immediate personal, and definitely positive, benefit of social media as it relates to cab rides.

I was running late for a lunch meeting with an old college friend I kinda-sorta-dated who I hadn’t seen since graduation. Even though the restaurant was only a few walkable blocks away, I knew I needed to grab a cab. Or at least I WANTED a cab, mostly because of the time constraints and partially because the temperature was in the teens and I’m a cold-weather-wuss (especially when I’m not in ski pants and there’s no snow).

As I walked out of the building, I looked up to see if there was a cab available and “ta-dah!!!!” – @ChicagoCabbie was there! The brief drive to my destination was spent catching up on our holidays and how business was going with all the recent articles written about him. Then it happened… I rushed out of the car and into the restaurant excited to meet up with my friend.

Yup, I got my keys back… just like that *snap fingers*. No anxiety-filled calls to an indifferent phone operator and no backtracking my steps. I got a Tweet, a text, and a phone call asking if I had left my keys…. and only because I rode with @ChicagoCabbie.

3 thoughts on “Why hail a cab when you can tweet for one?

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